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Timetable for Implementation of the Directive

The Water Framework Directive lays out a schedule for both the transposition of the Directive into the laws of each Member State, and the implementation of the various requirements.

This timetable sets out the dates at which, each of the key deliverables of the Water Framework Directive must be met.

Water Framework Directive Implementation Timetable and Key Deadlines

Year Requirement
2000 Directive entered into force (Article 22)
2003 Transpose Directive into domestic law (Article 24).

River Basin Districts (RBDs) and International River Basin Districts (IRBDs) identified and the competent authorities that will be empowered to implement the Directive, appointed (Article 3).

2004 Complete an analysis of characteristics and a review of the impact of human activity on status (CHARACTERISATION) on RBDs and IRBDs (Article 5).

Complete first ECONOMIC ANALYSIS of water use.

Establish a register or REGISTERS OF PROTECTED AREAS in each River Basin District (Articles 6&7)

2005 Establish criteria for the assessment of good groundwater chemical status and criteria for identifying significant upward trends (Article 17)
2006 Set up environmental monitoring programmes to ensure comprehensive view of water quality status within each RBD (Article 8).

Publish, for consultation, a work programme for producing the first RBMPs (Article 14).

Establish environmental quality standards for priority substances and controls on principal sources (Article 16)

2007 Publish, for consultation, an interim overview of the significant water management issues in each RBD and IRBD (Article 14).
2008 Publish full draft RBMPs for consultation (Article 14).
2009 Finalise and publish first RBMPs (Article 13).

Finalise PROGRAMME OF MEASURES to meet objectives (Article 11).

2010 Introduce pricing policies (Article 9).
2012 Ensure PROGRAMME OF MEASURES operational (Article 11).

Publish timetable and work programme for second RBMPs.

Report progress in implementing measures (Article 15)

2013 Review, for the first RBMP;
  • Characterisation and impact assessments
  • Economic analysis of water use

Publish, for consultation, an interim overview of the significant water management issues for second RBMP.

2014 Publish second draft RBMPs for consultation.
2015 Achieve environmental objectives set out in first RBMPs i.e. 'GOOD STATUS' achieved (Article 4).

Finalise and publish second RBMP with revised Programme of Measures (Articles 13,14 &15).

Once the first River Basin Management Plan is produced, an ongoing six year cycle of review, reassessment and revision will take place.

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