The Tasks Toolbox

The Tasks Toolbox (Figure 1) is where custom operations for specific purposes can be found. Because clients have different requirements, specialized functions can be designed for your explicit use. In this case, the tools in the Tasks toolbar are search operations designed to help the user locate land parcels on the map. Use these descriptions and search forms as examples of the types of tools that can be created.

Figure 1. The Tasks Toolbox

Search for Parcels by IDSearch for Parcels by OwnerQuery ParcelsSearch for Parcels by Address

After searching with any of the following tools, you’ll find your results displayed in the Selection Results window.

Search for Parcels by ID (Figure 2)  
Enter the Parcel ID in the text bar and hit ‘Find.’
Search for Parcels by Owner
Search for Parcels by Owner  (Figure 2)  
Enter the name of the parcel’s owner in the text bar and hit ‘Find.’

Figure 2. Search for Parcels by ID / by Owner / by Address

Measure Coordinates
Query Parcels
Query Parcels (Figure 3)  
Search for a land parcel by entering various attributes in the fields presented.

Figure 3. Search for Parcels by ID / by Owner / by Address

Measure Coordinates
Search for Parcels by Address
Search for Parcels by Address (See Figure 2 above)
Use a street address to locate a land parcel on the map.
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